A view of Saiha Town
The Entrance (Gate) of The Castle of Beino (Azinô) (River Kolodyne aka Chhimtuipui)
An aerial view of Lyuva Khutla Festival celebration :: Community Dancing(Awkhypala)
Young Mara Girls with traditional dress
A Mara woman selling flowers in the market
Traditional handloom Mara Dress
A traditional Mara family in thier house
Showcase of a Mara traditional hunter
Pala Tipo (Lake): The biggest Lake in Mizoram
Dance in Lyuva Khutla
A Mara woman Weaving
Dancing Mara

Integrated District Plan, Saiha 2015 -2016

Saiha district presents a development model that upholds equity, self reliance, innovation and progress for sustainable growth of productive sectors and improved wellbeing of communities. The main Objective of this assignment is to prepare the detail project report for the integrated development the District. It aims for holistic district development for a healthy urban & rural development by providing basic infrastructure facilities like Agriculture Irrigation and Flood Control Energy Transport etc. to the district dwellers.