1.      Name of Office                     :           DISTRICT SERICULTURE OFFICER.

2.      Year of Establishes :           1989.

3.      Staff Position :-

(a)             District Sericulture Officer’s, Siaha.


(1)              D.S.O                              -        1 no.

(2)              L.D.C                              -        1 no.

(3)              IV Grade                        -        1 no.

(4)              Seri, Demonstrator - 2 nos.

(5)              Farm manager              -        1 no.

(b)            Mulberry Seed Farm , Siaha.

(1)              Farm manager               -       1 no.

4.     Nature of Work :-

                                  Sericulture Department’s especially, Mulberry Sericulture can be practiced through out the state of Mizoram . The Climate and rainfall of the state and District is optimum for mulberry, and  Saiha District also has a vast potential. Mulberry Sericulture has been introduced in Saiha District since 2003 and so on. During these years 165 families from 5 villages started planting of Mulberry trees. Most of the private farm situated far away from their residence without proper approach road is one of the severe problems faced by the farmers


                                    As the Sericulture Farmers are in a Sheltered Village, informal training, such as mobile training always conducted at their farms and places it selves Technical Staff are detailed to help Farmers in Rearing. The training was conducted under the subject “Plantation and Silkworm Rearing Technique”


5.General Achievement:  in spite of many difficulties faced by the

     Department have achieved:-


(1)  Have 165 nos Farmers from NLUP Scheme under District Sericulture    

        Officer, Siaha District.


(2) From 1st &2nd Phase  already distributed 3rd  installment.

(3) From 3rd Phase already distributed            3rd  installment.

(4) From 4th phase already distributed            2nd  installment.

            Some farmers conducted Silkworm Rearing and harvested about 50quintals of cocoons.

            District Sericulture Officer and the Staff are preparing to work in full swing for the Development of Sericulture Industry within Siaha District till date.